Sunday, January 7, 2018

Spelling Checker in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Hello Friends,

Refer this blog learn implement spelling checker in Dynamics NAV.

It is very simple and working properly with RTC Client for any versions.

I have developed control add-in for spelling checker.

Following are steps for implementation. 

1. Copy the “DynamicsNAV Add-In Project.dll” file in add-in folder for client and service.

2. Create the new entry in Control Add-In Table

To install the add-in, you need to insert in Client Add-in table
Control Add-in Name: Dynamics.NAV.SpellChecker
Public Key Token: 48f3911b65e24838
Category : DotNet Control Add-in

3. Enable the spelling checker control add-in on selected text field on page (here I have enable it on Item Card --) Description field)

4. Done

That's it. System will warning line for miss spell and by right clicking on word it will suggest correct spelling.

You can download DLL file and Control-Add in project source file from link:

I hope it will help someone.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Can the same be implemented in Business Central, if yes how to do that ?